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Tour Blog #1: Europe

I am writing this driving in our bus somewhere through Europe…

I am looking out the window in my bed watching the world go by.

Kelly and Adam are chilling,

Rich and Tony are listening to David Bowie downstairs.

The shows have been going beautifully.

With such a big catalog of music to choose from it’s been amazing to see how different tracks work in different country’s.

We Played 100 mph in Paris ,Pass the buck in Amsterdam and Drowning in Brussels all songs that I have never played in the band ,I actually don’t think they have been played live in over 10 years.

All shows are special but I must say Barcelona really stood out As a raucous affair ,crazy energy…

My main vibe I wanted to express in this blog is something very lovely which I think you should hear.

I have been in the Band 6 years now,not long at all in the grand scheme of things.

When we go to different places we see the reactions on people’s faces I can promise you this is not taken for granted …

This band does not for one second assume that after all these years your still going to come see the us play…

We work very hard in the studio ,in the practice room , work with our lighting & sound team to constantly up our game.

For 6 years I have found this continually inspiring and refreshing because believe me not all artists are like this.

I want you to know that the band loves you as much as you love us…

The energy we have been putting out has been coming back tenfold and

it’s very much acknowledged It’s very much reciprocated….


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