Jamie’s Tour Blog #3

What a tour, it’s flying by…

The love we have been getting from these shows has been immense ,

Kelly’s got a brilliant line “ it’s funny what a plank of wood and a few extra lamps can do”

Here’s some of my show highlights!


Playing Wales is always going to be special.

I was particularly happy because we threw ‘Too Many Sandwiches’ into the set.

This is one of the first songs I taught my self how to play when I was a kid.

While playing there’s lots of old footage of the boys from back in the day on the screens behind us,there’s a moment when Stuart is looking down as if hes watching the drums.

Very symbolic & special.

I adored his drumming and every night I always try to channel his spirit and vibes.


Kelly playing drums during our rendition of The Beatles birthday song

will forever be etched in my mind as an epic moment, Happy birthday Adam Zindani.

Sometimes with all the hysteria surrounding the shows,the massive

energy of playing these big rooms you find a lot peace in the simple things, For example.

After the gig we all had a lovely dinner and watched this amazing tv

show with all these brilliant blues musicians, We sat in almost silence transfixed by these artists like Bo Diddley and Muddy Waters , A brilliant end to a brilliant night.


The energy in the room that evening was tremendous.

I felt so comfortable and very much at home on that huge stage, It’s

also the first time I felt the audience gasp when I came up during my solo,MEGA VIBES…

Something cool we did in In Leeds was buy a record player for our dressing room.

Everyday we get a new vinyl from a second hand store.

We are building up a great collection.

There’s nothing like vinyl…

So far we have played too 126.823 thousand people.

We thank each and every one of you.

These memory’s will last forever.