Jamie’s Tour Blog #2

I was not going to do another post until we finished this tour but you have given me such an overwhelming response for Blog #1 I couldn’t resist doing another one.

Once again I am on the bus with all the boys. It’s our day off today so we are heading off to a new city – rest and relaxation is today’s main agenda…

The snow is crazy outside but it’s nice & warm on the bus.

The vibe is strong.

We are well and truly into the band’s 11th Arena tour.


For those who have seen the show, especially those who have seen the band before, you know we have gone all out on this one. It is certainly the biggest show the band has ever put on.

We have 60 crew members, 4 tour buses, and 8 lorries…

I actually have four drum kits traveling with us


One for our warm up room backstage. My main sparkly gold beauty, my seethrough Perspex kit for Mr & Mrs Smith, and a mini kit for (spoiler alert!) our acoustic set in the middle of the show…

We have brought our buddy Gavin out to play brass and other bits and pieces. He also does the best impression of Christoper Walken ever. That is keeping us very entertained.

We are having so much fun. For those who have seen the show I am sure you can see that in the smiles and laughs we are having on stage. Everything feels very natural and you, the audience, I have to say have been amazing.

I possibly have the best seat in the house so I see your faces. I see your excitement.

This only gives us more energy and fire to play…

So far my personal off stage highlights have been Adam giving Kelly a little haircut before our show in Glasgow. I have seen this happen once before in Australia when I first joined the band, it’s a comedy sketch I tell you…

We have also been having epic jams in our warm up room pre-show. The last few days we have been doing a super rendition of ‘Start Me Up’ by The Stones…

My on stage highlights have been hearing you all sing back Traffic-

You are louder than us!!!!

Kelly’s bright yellow jacket (if you haven’t already guessed, I love colourful things) and Richards amazing new shirt collection… I never know which one he’s going to pick each night.

My solo for Mr & Mrs Smith has become a monster. I never know how it will come out each night. It’s always exciting and completely different every day…

I will say no more as i don’t want to spoil anything for the people coming to the show over the next couple of weeks.




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We posting everyday. Enjoy our experiences with us.